The factory produces the hordi block from polystyrene which is available in all densities starting from 16 Kg/m3 to 35 Kg/m3 It is also available in different measures, sizes and lengths reaching up to 4m, which facilitates transferring it to numerous floors and installing it on the rooftop. 

Also, it represents the best solution for big spaces. Between special columns and designs, it also occupies a big area which reduces the quantity of concrete and iron armament. It can also be cut in an inclined way to suit all designs according to the orders. If we compare the hordi polystyrene with other materials, we will find that it is characterized by the following:

• Lightweight, which reduces total bulking weight.

• It can be easily transferred and installed which saves time and efforts.

• Obvious heat insulation between different floors.

• Saving the quantity of reinforced steel.

• It also works as sound proof.

• It is a very good shock absorbent and is not affected by 

   any chemical substance.

• It is not affected by fungi and does not disintegrate

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