About Us: Al-Sharq Polystyrene Company


AL Sharq Polystyrene Factory, it is one of the largest polystyrene manufacturing unit in the Middle East and specialized in expanded polystyrene , our main concern is to give our local and International market a different choice that is environmentally - friendly, sound proof and energy serving and cost effective.


Al Sharq Polystyrene Factory constantly adopt the latest technologies to enhance our products quality and to give the best service to our clients.


we want to be your partner of choice in ever growing polystyrene world.on innovation through our unwavering
determination to bring your lasting satisfaction, we can see- its coming true.



We are now setting the way forward to ensure that your buildings are properly insulated.Our insulation board (STAYROMAX BRAND) is now widely used in building constructs in Saudi, arabia and the rest of the region and European countries.


To  practice  a high standard of efficiency in every project we undertake. Executing it with hard work, quality, sincerity and professional way.


ACHIVEMENT- ISO 9001 : 2005‬‏ ‬‏

We are also an ISO 9001 : 2008 certified firm with quality approval from Dubai Municipality, and approved manufacturer Vendor in Saudi Aramco , Sabic , Sceco and Royal Commission in Jubail.

We have our own huge fleet of specially designed vehicles to transfer polystyrene products around Saudi Arabia and across the GCC , we can give our clients the unlimited product and service quality they deserve.

What is Polystyrene ?

Polystyrene is a unique closed cell molded plastic made from petrochemicals derived from crude oil. Expandable polystyrene (EPS) is an efficient and effective thermal insulation material that can cut up to 75 % of electricity consumption. It is lightweight, strong and resilient, non-corrosive and a dimensionally- stable material. 

EPS is also sound proof , non toxic and insert. It does not damage the ozone layer, as CFCs (chlorofluorocarbons) or HCFCs (hydrochloroflourocarbons) are not used in its manufacture. In addition. EPS is shock-proof and will not lose its shape or insulating value by ageing. It has a wide range of application uses. It can be molded into variable densities , roof and wall insulation panels, block inserts, decorative shapes for masonry works, Hordi blocks for building construction, industrial packing and pipe insulation and many other areas.

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